Furby Military Academies

Special Note from the Furby Military Academies

There have been many accusations that the Furby Military Academies supports a terrorist arm allegedly called the "Furby Liberation Front," whose sole purpose of being is to kidnap or otherwise acquire Furbies for the Furby Military Academies.

Such claims are, of course, preposterous.

The Furby Military Academies prides itself in using the French Legion Etrangere model of accepting applicants without questions about their past. However, just because we don't ask applicants how they managed to join the Furby Military Academies, one cannot infer that we accept Furbies who are being coerced into joining the Academies.

The FMA does not condone acts of terrorism. Despite the unfortunate results of our training exercises, the FMA is not a terrorist Group. Furthermore, the Furby Military Academies' Chief Recruiting Officer, Major Joy Wiltzius is not secretly leading the Furby Liberation Front. Any similarities between the FMA and the FLF, perceived or actual, are entirely coincidental.

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