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Parents' Day 2001

Parents' Day group shot

12 May 2001

Since many institutions of higher learning have some sort of parent recognition day, the cadre of the Furby Military Academies thought that the FMA should do so as well. After studying other Parents' Day programs, the FMA realized that a traditional program would not work. Since only the Fall 2000 FTX was the first and only Field Training Exercise that resulted in a graduation of students, it would be inappropriate to bring parents of the Recruits to the Academies.

Instead, the Furby Military Academies decided to host a Cadre Parents' Day. Parents of three cadre members, Captain Ryan Decker, Instructor Jennie Seay, and Instructor Christine Seaman, participated in a reduced-load FTX-style outing.

For some reason, none of the Spring/Summer batch of Recruit-Candidates wanted to participate in the Parents' Day festivities, so the FMA cadre had to obtain some Passive Engagement Exercise Personnel Simulators (PEEPS) for use as targets ... errr, students. The FMA would like to endorse the use of these sugary training devices for economical, high visibility training aids. The FMA will be investigating the Recruit-Candidates unwillingness to participate in training opporunities under Mapultian Article THX-1138.

Colonel Webb covered the fundamentals of firearms handling with the parents, even though all of them had prior experience of some form. The parents started on a small caliber handgun as "warm up", but they quickly decided they wanted to move to something heavier.

Lieutenant General Webb provided the shotgun portion of the training. Here she supervised Captain Decker's sister, Ayrica, in loading a shotgun.

The Parents' Day was an outstanding success. Here are just a few more pictures from the Furby Military Academies' Parents' Day 2001:

Ayrica Decker presents the afternoon's targets to the cadre and guests.

Mark Seaman gets ready to lay down some heavy suppresive fire from a shotgun

The Seaman family and LTG Webb take a break away from the firing line

Norma Decker warms up with a .22 pistol against a few cans.

John Decker gets ready to let loose with his son's shotgun.

Stacie Seaman appreciates the therapeutic effects of semi-automatic rifle fire.

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