Furby Military Academies

FTX 2001

7 October 2001

In light on the recent attacks on the United States of America, the Sovereign Republic of Mapulto embarked on a thorough review of security procedures. The review revealed some facts that were not surprising. For instance, Mapulto is one of the most heavily armed micronations per capita.

However, we also discovered that our Internet Infrastructure was vulnerable to attack. Based on this alarming discovery, the Mapultian government's Bureau of Homeland Security directed the Furby Military Academies to prepare a squad of Internet Security Recruits.

Captain Wiltzius, Head Instructor of the Astronautics Corps, was selected to head the security training cadre.

The recruits selected for this special training session were the top of the class in the Furby Military Academies. They included experts on surveillance and technological security. The FMA was also able to salvage the AMD processor from recruit K6 to enhance the performance of the recruits.

In order to enhance the training value of this exercise, the FMA cadre selected some additional recruits to simulate the opposing force (OpFor). The OpFor was tasked with infiltrating a Mapultian installation and sabotaging the computer infrastructure.

The Recruits wisely suggested using remote digital cameras to watch the perimeter of the facility.

However, Colonel Webb demonstrated how easily remote security cameras can be disabled.

As the recruits moved to replace the ruined camera, Chief Recruiting Officer Wiltzius demonstrated the need to remain alert and under cover while in the open. Regrettably, some of the recruits failed to heed the lesson, and they were obliterated.

Lieutenant General Webb assisted in the evasive action course. She provided rapid suppressive fire into the training area using a range of weapons.

Since everyone else was laying down suppressive fire, Captain Decker decided to participate with an Uzi.

After the suppressive fire ceased, the cadre of the FMA searched for the Internet Security Recruits. Regrettably, the only remains recovered were hard to identify. Worse yet, the OpFor apparently was caught in the suppressive fire as well.

This battle-scarred survivor of the 2001 FTX did not successfully pass the required combat proficiency tests. He instead was transfered to administrative duties in the Office of Recruiting with Joy Wiltzius.

The Furby Military Academies is currently working to adjust the Internet Security Curriculum. The Sovereign Republic of Mapulto is on heightened alert until a batch of IS Recruits can complete FMA training.

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