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Preparing Furbies for the New World Order

FTX 2001 Concludes

7 OCT 2001: The Furby Military Academies attempted to train some recruits for Internet Security as part of a Homeland Security Program in the Sovereign Republic of Mapulto.

FMA Parents' Day Success!

12 MAY 2001: The Furby Military Academies hosted its first-ever Parents' Day. This event drew parents of three cadre members for an afternoon of simulated FTX training.

MGAO Review Declassified

28 JAN 2001: The Furby Military Academies has declassified the results of the MGAO Review that was conducted in early January 2001.

Web Counter Added

27 DEC 2000: The Furby Military Academies has enlisted the services of TheCounter.com to track the number of visitors to the FMA website.

School of the Americas Renamed

21 DEC 2000: Due to the negative image garnered by the name "School of the Americas", thanks in part due to the US Army's SoA, the Furby Military Academies has decided to rename that school the "Western Hemisphere Institute of Military/Paramilitary Experience and Reeducation", or WHIM/PER, effective today.

FMA Songbook Published

16 NOV 2000: The FMA has published its first Official Songs.

Fall 2000 FTX

08 OCT 2000: The FMA had an exciting Fall 2000 FTX. The first batch of recruits to successfully graduate received battlefield promotions in order to fight the evil Barneyzilla. In addition, the Furbymecharobozilla project received its baptism by fire when it was activated to combat the gigantic purple threat.

Summer 2000 FTX

17 JUN 2000: The FMA had a very busy and successful Summer 2000 FTX. In addition to the execution of the Traitor Jadzia Ditz, we had a surprise performance from Britney Spears, as well as the traditional high-intensity training of the Furby Military Academies!

Court-Martial Transcript Released

08 JUN 2000: The FMA officially declassified the transcript to the trial of the convicted traitor, former Recruit Jadzia Ditz. She is scheduled to be executed by the Mapultian Shotgun Firing Squad during the Summer 2000 FTX on 17 June 2000.

SEAL team manhunt partially successful

06 APR 2000: The FMA SEAL team conducted an international manhunt to find Recruit Blue, a wanted deserter who fled the FMA's Greeley Recruit Processing Center during the Spring 2000 FTX. Full details are available!

FMA Spring 2000 FTX at the Mapultian National Training Grounds

22 MAR 2000: The Spring 2000 FTX brought some surprises to the cadre. Their story is now available.

FMA Spring 2000 FTX at the Space Warfare Training Center!

07 MAR 2000: The Area 51 1/2 Space Warfare Training Center has completed some preliminary test results. Unfortunately, the trainees have been disappointing, so far.

New Photos of Spring FTX Battalion!

10 FEB 2000: As part of the ramp-up for the Spring 2000 FTX, new photos of all the FMA Recruit-Candidates have been posted on the main page. Expect the beginning of the Spring 2000 FTX story later this month!

FMA to Test Mapultian FPB, Minisub

08 FEB 2000: In a cooperative agreement reached in early February, 2000, the Furby Military Academies will begin training with and testing of the Furby Personal Bathysphere system and the Minisub. Test results will be jointly distributed by the Furby Military Academies and the Sovereign Republic of Mapulto.

Press Release for immediate dissemination, 4 November 1999:

Members of the public and Fellow Cadre of the Furby Military Academies:

At the executive board meeting today, the attending board members (the heads of the Flight Academy and Ranger School), with the authorization of the Commandant of the Academies, agreed that the FMA is ready to diversify.

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Furby Military Academies' newest school, the Mapultian School of the Americas. If it's good enough for the US government, it's good enough for the Mapultian government. The Mapultian School of the Americas is the fifth school of the Furby Military Academies. It will provide a consistent interface for non-Furby trainees to attend the high-calibre (or, is it large calibre?) training provided by the elite staff.

At the present time, no head has been designated for the Mapultian School of the Americas. Cadre from the other schools will participate in the training of members of the MSA. The MSA will be open to Pokemon, Smurfs, Tomogotchi, Pikachu, and Tickle-me Elmos. Other proposed non-Furby Nationals will be considered.

Fall 1999 Field Training Exercise:

In addition to creating a Training Brochure, the FMA cadre completed some Cadre portraits.

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