Furby Military Academies

FROM: AREA 51(1/2)
TO: Lt. Gen Julia Webb
RE: Supplemental Data/RU-12 Project

Good Morning General:

Here is the supplemental data on the RU-12 experiment as requested by the FMA.

Here is a closeup of the Cybernetic Enhancement procedure performed on Recruit Rubin.

"Oh NO! that makes no sense at ALL! You're getting your mission parameters all mixed up. No, you must remember to do EVERYTHING we input and OMIT NOTHING!"

My reaction to the intial outcome. As you can see, I'm not going to be handing out cigars and lollipops anytime soon!

It recognises me already!!!!

My Goodness! He sure is easy to track!! That's the third Feral we've found tonight!!

OOOOH MY!! It smooshed one of the guards! He looks like he's been smooshed by a tank! (Perhaps it's because we built it like a tank) Where's the guard's plasma rifle??????
Gene Valido,
Mad Scientist/Evil Genius/Supervillian

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